Our Vision:

Create the world's most sought after harmonic arrangements

for the most unique people and places.  

Custom Harmonics offers everything except the traditional when announcing your guest's arrival.  My admiration for anything one-of-a-kind combined with my personal interest in metal work leads me to develop harmonic systems that are as stunning to behold as they are to hear.

While I prefer to design mechanically actuated systems, I also offer hidden electronic actuators with sophisticated controls.  These unique harmonic systems are limited only by our imagination.  I have designs ranging from 10 to 1,000 pounds and can incorporate any theme you desire. 

Sounds range from delicate tings and familiar melodies to long lasting gongs and harmoneous mixtures.

Finishes include:
- Metal plating such as Gold, Nickel, Chrome, Copper and Zinc
- Powder coat paints
- Patinas and acid washes
- Raw steel with decorative grindings
- Marble encasements
- Exotic hardwoods