Why push a button  like this when you could pull a rope like that?

Why doesn't your door bell match the magnificence of your residence?

Why are homes

like this usually adorned with doorbells like that?

The mechanism that announces the arrival of your guests shouldn't be an after-thought!  I've seen builders, architects and interior designers put more time, money and energy into selecting a light fixture.

Before  you finish the plans on your next residence, let me help you conceptualize a doorbell system that will be marveled for generations to come.   A short list of potential themes to get your gears turning... 

Rube Goldberg- purposely over complicated mechanical wonders

Sophisticated Elegance -  simply jaw dropping in beauty and splendor

Built-to-Match - incorporation of existing themes, elements or styles already existing within your estate

Re-Purpose - convert any item into an acoustical kinetic sculpture - 30' windmill turned wind chime

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